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Regurgitation in Dogs

We (humans) vomit when our health is in poor condition, such as illness or hangover, but dogs can vomit even in norm...

How to tell if your dog has heat stroke: Symptoms, treatment and prevention (2)

Treatment for heatstroke/ Dog first aid Remove the dog from the hot environment immediately. Dogs can recover well w...

Our Story

Lof - Your Family is Our Priority was established in 2018 with the vision and aspiration for the pet owners, as well as the pets, to experience the best in quality when utilizing pet supplies. Along with the promise to our clients to provide them with the best quailty in products, we have designed and manufactured all the products with the thought of providing them to our family members. We hope our products, LOF, can assist to improve the pets and owners’ quality of life to the best

From Jin and Nagyoung, Founders of Lof Pet Supplies

Our Mission

Our company genuinely cares about pets and their relationship with the owner. With the motivation: “ Your Family is Our Priority,” LOF has always thought about how to make sure everyone has the best product where both pet owners and their pets can be satisfied with. After many attempts and processes of development, we are happy to finally meet you with our special products that are only available in Lof

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