Regurgitation in Dogs

We (humans) vomit when our health is in poor condition, such as illness or hangover, but dogs can vomit even in normal health conditions.

Meaning that dogs often vomit when they eat too much food or want to feed their babies without any diseases or pain, for young puppies have weak digestion. Food that is good for a puppy to digest is a food that is crushed into small pieces like baby food. Thus, the mother dog who gave birth to babies vomits some digested food from the stomach and feeds it to the puppies.

Then when is vomiting a sign that my pet is ill?

  1. Bacteria, viral gastritis, or enteritis. 
  • In particular, if your dog vomits immediately after meals, gastritis or enteritis can be suspected. 
  • If diarrhea is accompanied and vomiting symptoms are repeated, it means that there is a problem with the digestive system, so please take him/her to the veterinary hospital to check up. 
  • Dogs with viral enteritis often vomit, diarrhea, and blood is mixed in their feces. Moreover, blood may be mixed in vomit as well. Even if it is not viral enteritis, if vomiting is frequent or vomit contains blood, it may be hemorrhagic gastritis, so visit a hospital for a thorough diagnosis.

  1. Intestinal obstruction, gastric enlargement, gastric inflammation.
  • Diseases such as eating foreign substances or having a lot of gas in the stomach due to indigestion can also cause vomiting. These include “intestinal obstruction” in which the intestines are clogged due to eating foreign substances, “gastric dilatation” in which gas fills the stomach due to overeating, and “gastric salt field” in which the stomach is twisted completely.

  1. Other diseases
  • If your dog shows symptoms of vomiting more than three times a week for three weeks, it may be caused by chronic diseases such as tumors or pancreatitis. In addition, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, which are common in elderly dogs, may be the cause of chronic vomiting.
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