Water and Dogs (3)

Does Your Dog Have a Drinking Problem? - Drinking too much or too little

If a dog drinks too much and urinates too much, it means that he/she  is thirsty and lacks moisture. In this case, diabetes, kidney disease, Cushing syndrome, and uterine sinusitis can be suspected.

Not drinking enough water can lead to illness in severe cases -  Urinary stones are also one of the diseases that can occur due to poor drinking of water. If the dog does not drink much water and suddenly loses weight, leading to its stool being too dry and hardened, this can also be suspected as a symptom caused by dehydration.

How to Make a Dog Drink Better (When He Doesn’t Want to)

If you have water prepared and your dog doesn't drink it well, you can choose a way to enhance the flavor, such as boiling low-fat meat and giving your pet the brewed (flavored) water. Also, you can help your dog to get more hydrated through giving him semi-wet feed that is higher in moisture than dry feed.

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