Common Misconception about Calculating Pet’s Age

One common misconception of pets is that the age of a dog in human years is calculated as the dog’s age multiplied by 7. Actually, in general, a 2 years old dog is considered to be around 24 human years old. The rate is about 12 human years per year for first 2 years and differs after by size of your dog’s breed. After 2 years of age, or 24 human years of age, age can be calculated by, for a small dog breed, add 5 human years, for a medium breed, add 6 human years, and for a large breed, add 7 human years. At this rate, the large dogs get older faster than the small dogs. A 7 years old dog can be 49 human years old for a small breed or 59 human years old for a large breed.

Does life expectancy vary depending on breed size? Yes, that's right. The average life span of large dogs is about 3 years shorter than that of small dogs.
Now let's see how to calculate your cat’s age.
Like dogs, cats are about 24 human years old after 2 years. From here, the age calculation method differs for the house cats and for the street cats. The house cats are immunized, live in a safe environment, and eat a balanced diet. For these cats, you can add 4-5 human years for each year. On the other hand, the street cats eat irregular meals and live in a dangerous environment. The age to these cats, after 2 years of age, is calculated by adding 8 human years for each year. In other words, the human years that cat ages can be double between a house cat and a street cat. Due to the harsh living environment, the street cats age faster and only have an average lifespan of about 2-3 years.


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