Heartworm Disease in Dogs (1)

Heartworms are parasites infected by mosquitoes and are mainly parasitic in the pulmonary artery or right atrium of the heart. It causes shortness of breath and pulmonary embolism, and the disease is called “heartworm.”

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How to Tell if Your Dog has Heartworms

→ Heartworm Symptoms - The Four Stages Of Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworm symptoms in dogs are divided into four stages. Symptoms begin to appear about five to six months after being bitten by mosquitoes, and symptoms may appear due to mild coughs in the early stages (1-2nd stage), so it is not easily noticeable. Rather, he/she can look healthier, such as taking a walk with a stronger appetite than usual.

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Severe symptoms begin to appear in the middle and second half (3-4th stages), during which coughing increases and movement significantly decreases. Even though he/she is not uncomfortable, they may struggle and have difficulty breathing. 

In the most severe cases, heartworms must be removed through surgery, and the scariest thing is complications, which are scary enough to lead to death in case of occurrence. In other words, even with treatment, this stage of the disease carries a high risk of long term debilitation and possible death.


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