Unexpected food that are poisonous to dogs

Although dogs are mammals like humans, their digestive absorption systems are differently structured in a specific way. 

Metabolism is not as flexible as one may think. Thus, people can digest without having hardships. However, dogs have a lot of toxic substances. To elaborate, when harmful substances that cannot be decomposed enter the body and circululate, they can cause fatal damage to the dog's body and health.

Green onions

The type of green onion that also includes leeks and garlic contains a substance called Allyl Propyl Disulfide. This ingredient, which is not a problem for humans, destroys red blood cells in dogs. Moreover, it can develop and cause amenima with red urine in two days after eating.

Bones of chicken or big fish 

Sharp bones or thorns can damage the esophagus, stomach and intestines.  There are many miscellaneous bacteria in the digestive system, so if a sharp bone is punctured, it can cause acute peritonitis and cause death in a short period of time. Thus, it is important to keep an eye on your dog to prevent him from eating anything that can lead him to suffer through pain.

 Dried apricot - Any kind of food that absorbs water and swells up

Dried apricots swell when they absorb water. If the dog ends up eating too much, there is a high chance for the dog’s stomach to swell up as well.

Raisins - Food that is swollen and toxic

Raisins are kidney-toxic, high in sugar and rich in taste, making it easy to cause gastritis in dogs.

Raisins are kidney-toxic, high in sugar and rich in taste, making it easy to cause gastritis in dogs.

Products with xylitol

Dogs have liver toxicity (damage to soy sauce). Therefore, it is safe to check because there may be products in dog-only snacks.

Plastic bags containing human food

Surprisingly, this is one of the  troubles that pet owners encounter a lot. Plastic bags cannot be digested when dogs accidentally take away snacks from people. It is a relief if the dog vomits well, but vomiting induction, extraction by endoscope, or gastric incision should be highly considered when the plastic gets stuck in the throat.


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