How to tell if your dog has heat stroke: Symptoms, treatment and prevention

Dogs have a body structure that is difficult to control with sweat. Therefore, it is important for dogs to breathe cold air and breathe out hot air from the body. Also, controlling the body temperature by sending saliva from the tongue out of the body instead of sweating is necessary as well.


Heatstroke is a disease caused by a sharp rise in body temperature, so pet owners should pay close attention to the following situations to prevent heatstroke in dogs, especially in summer. 

  1. In hot and poorly ventilated spaces
  2. Avoid intense walks/exercises  in hot summer due to rapid rise in body temperature
  3. Obses dogs are more dangerous to heat stroke - It is because it is hard to dissipate heat due to high body fat. 
  4. Breeds including short-mouthed guillotine, such as bulldogs, pekindies, and shih tzu. These breeds should be more careful of heat stroke for they have a short airway in the head, which makes it difficult to release hot air through breathing.
  5. Hot environment - Leaving the dog in the car for a long period of time can easily cause heatstroke.

Treatment for heatstroke/ Dog first aid

Remove the dog from the hot environment immediately. Dogs can recover well when immediate measures and treatments are made within 30 minutes to an hour after the initial symptoms occur.


  1. Move to a place where the temperature is low and provide an environment where the wind blows well. (ex. Open windows or turn on the air conditioner) 
  2. Lower the dog’s body temperature by using a wet towel with cold water.
  3. If you have alcohol, spraying  it on the sole of the dog’s foot may be helpful.
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