Is it okay for cats to fall from high places?

It is commonly known that cat cannot be injured even if they jump or fall from high places due to its flexible body. However, this is false and cat can be injured from a fall. Why do cats hurt themselves in indoor? It is because of the slippery floor. When cats jump and land indoors, they can slip, leading to fractures or dislocations. So please pay attention to your cats. Slippery floors are dangerous for cats, so it is imperative to put carpets in the surrounding area near where the cats climb.
Also, children often throw cats from high places. Keep in mind that no matter how flexible and well-balanced a cat can be, fall from high places can lead to severe injuries and even death. Some cats have better flexibility and landing method to lessen the injury. Please be aware that cats can be injured if they fall from high places, so don't drop them or throw them from high places.


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