6 Ways Your Dog Asks For Help

Dogs may be more stressed than their guardians think because they live in a human-tailored environment. Thus, even insignificant things can be stressful for your dog. In this case, how do dogs ask their owners for help?

1st Signal For Help - The puppy scratches him/herself
Most dogs use their hind legs to scratch their bodies when it itches. However, there may be an exceptional case when the cause is because of stress. Your dog may continue to scratch himself when he is confused, unwilling, and have a difficult time to do something during training. In this specific case, please change your training method or take a break. (Note that if a puppy scratches more than it needs, it may be a skin disease)
2nd Signal For Help - Yawning
If your dog is yawning, it is very likely that he/she is not tired but instead, giving you a calming signal. For example, dogs may yawn when they are scolded, have strangers nearby, or feel stressed out about the tension or the yelling in the family. (A little sidenote: Try to be gentle and not scold your dog too much in this case :)
3rd Signal For Help - Tail biting
Dogs sometimes follow or bite their own tails because they respond to instinctive movements. However, this may also be his cue of expressing his severe stress level. In order to prevent this incident, taking your dog out for a walk and playing with them will help them to relieve stress. Thus, the amount of the frequency of the dog biting his/her own tail will decrease.
4th Signal For Help - Stiffness
Sometimes dogs may become stiff and unable to move when they feel nervous or stressed. Due to extreme tension and stress, the sympathetic nerves are strongly applied and adrenaline is released, making the whole body muscles to become stiff. In this case, it is best to relieve tension and stress by leaving the place or talking softly to your dog based on the condition.
5th Signal For Help - Sweaty paws
Just as a person sweats on his/her hands and feet when he/she is nervous, dogs sweats on his/her paws when he/she is nervous.
6th Signal For Help - Excessively licking paws
Dogs have the tendency to lick their front feet when they are stressed, just like they do after having meals or before bedtime. Please be aware that if you do not find the cause of the stress and solve it, your dog may lick his/her front feet continuously, which will eventually cause skin irritation.
The signals may vary among different dogs when they feel stressed, asking for help. However, it is important to find and solve the causes of your pets stress and anxiety to relieve stress.
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